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fulcrum was built to solve real business needs: executing key C-suite and board imperatives around customer growth, value creation and retention for a major blue chip company

Up and running within 3 months, our hub easily integrates into existing enterprise environments with minimal IT effort

We focus on driving commercial outputs executed against specific business imperatives, highlighting all key pain points to be attended to along the way. This delivers immediate value and revenue growth in months, not years

Our proven solution delivers full payback within 4 months and 5 X ROI within the first 6 months

We have successfully repeated this across major financial services, manufacturing and retail customers

We rapidly close the gap between your current execution capability and target state, removing cost and inertia to enable transformation now


Speed to Market = Speed to Value

with a focus on business outcomes and repeatable Use Cases, no one else can come close to delivering true monetization with the speed, and at the cost of fulcrum


our competitive point of difference is our simplicity

Our software is easy to install, simple to use and rapid  to scale. It works with the organizations existing platforms and technologies.


Actioning insights and strategies

fulcrum software removes slow, manual and costly processes and provides full attribution reporting in real-time to ensure organizations can manage monetization


solving ‘C’ suite and Board Imperatives

Customer growth and engagement are listed as in the top challenges by CEO’s and Boards according to Forrester – globally


Accelerating time to value

Commercial payback is in-year
Our solution is up and running within 3 months
Payback in 4 months &
5 -10x ROI in 6 months


developed for real world business needs

fulcrum was developed to monetize customer valuefor a major APAC organisations


We would like to talk with you.

If you are a large complex organization that is struggling to fulfil the promise of your customer strategies we can help.

Our software is designed to bridge the gap that we see between your business and marketing needs and the ability to execute due to technical and capability issues.

The fulcrum team