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OUR APPROACH – Re-thinking the current industry model is why we are successful

We start with the business imperative: connecting the commercial use case to the data and flipping the traditional data and analytics approach

  1. What is the use case we are looking to solve

  2. How do we execute this ensuring we are having the right conversation, with the right customer, in the right channel at the right time

  3. How do we maximise immediacy, relevance and action to ensure the data we have can be continuously decisioned to drive outcomes at the customer level. Real-time all the time

A major retailer

uses a full 12 months of transactional data to tailor 1 to 1 offers at a customer level from 50,000 products, driving basket size, premiumisation, shopping frequency and recognition

Top 10 ASX company

fulcrum enables 90% of customers always on personalized & relevant across all touch-points

A top 20 ASX company

delivers personalized messaging to customers after each transaction enabling hundreds of millions of new targeted sales and service opportunities

A Blue Chip company

moved from #3 to #1
in brand and customer consideration in 6


We would like to talk with you.

If you are a large complex organization that is struggling to fulfil the promise of your customer strategies we can help.

Our software is designed to bridge the gap that we see between your business and marketing needs and the ability to execute due to technical and capability issues.

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