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Fulcrum Press release-February 2017

Quick Facts

Fulcrum understands your business

You need your organisation to respond faster to change.
You need to lead digital transformation that matters to your customers and your commercial targets.
Your legacy tech is hard to work with but you must use it to drive the company forward.

Fulcrum is fast to deploy and quick to return

  • Up and running within 90 days
  • 5x return on investment within the first 6 months
  • No capital outlay
  • Light-touch infrastructure integration
  • Fully managed SaaS

Fulcrum transforms your digital information landscape

  • Works with existing systems and technology, including internal apps and third-party software
  • Fully automated, continuous data enrichment, real-time decisioning
  • Adaptable to new customer interaction points – from mobile to point of sale
  • Get more IT power without staffing up
  • Can integrate with platforms like Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, and many more
  • Scalable without additional implementation costs

Fulcrum increases data value for your business

  • Leverages your existing customer info
  • Positions you to take quick advantage of emerging tech
  • Customised to your in-year business objectives
  • Continuously prioritises 1-1 next best actions via behaviour and triggers based on your criteria

Fulcrum’s proven approach

Build fast, prove value, and then scale up.

  • 2-day discovery workshop to learn your data architecture and business goals
  • Fulcrum Hub deployed within 3 months
  • From months 3-6 validate versus your success criteria in preparation for wider rollout
  • Rapid deployment to wider system – including automated data enrichment and decisioning, as well as distribution to all other target platforms, channels, and touchpoints
  • Performance and management reporting setup
  • Expand and scale to tackle new opportunities as they arise


Rob Kinkade – speaking to Sky News about fulcrum and
the impact of Amazon coming to the Australian market